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Today we would like to share to you about unlimited web hosting, of course, with a cheapest price ever.

So, what is unlimited web hostinv exactly?

In Unlimited Hosting Club (One Dollar Hosting) unlimited hosting means thst you do not need to worry about your disc space and bandwidth.

Then, you will get unlimited features such as unlimited domain names (addon and parked domain names), unlimited email accounts, FTP accounts, and many more.

However, it does not mean that our server is also has unlimited disc space. The same thing goes to other servers. Still, you do not need to worry about it because every time our disc space reach 75% capacity we will upgrade our disc space. In some circumstances, we can add more servers for our customers to increase the speed of our server. We cannot just use one server, right? It will make the server have a heavy burdance.

Other thing is, our server has a daily local and remote backup enabled. This means that if something goes wrong with your data, we can restore your data back to a day before.

Even, as a master and alpha reseller you can do your own daily, weekly, or monthly backup by using WHMReseller plugin from your WHM account.

You will not find these kind of features anywhere besides Unlimited Hosting Club (One Dollar Hosting)

Moreover, your website is optimised for SEO by using Attracta free module and gain more speed by using CloudFlare module available for free from your CPanel account.

So, what are you waiting for? Join Unlimited Hosting Club (One Dollar Hosting) now with the cheapest price starts from $1.

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